Parent Comments

Thanks for another great summer playground!  My daughter loves it and will be back next year!


I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the wonderful summer program.  As an unemployed mother for the past year, it was of great help to me in keeping my little one occupied during the first half of the summer.  He had a ball and enjoyed it.  I hope that this important program continues next year (and the next, etc.!)  Again, thank you.


My kids had a wonderful time. This was one of my sons first year and he met some new kids and enjoyed his time there. My oldest enjoyed being in Group 5 and all the activities that were planned. What a great way for the kids not to be bored in the summer. See you next year.


Thank you again for such an awesome year! My kids were able to do some much more then we could have ever done with them in one season. We enjoyed the field trips. We went to Friendly Farm, Roll on America, Pawsox, Canobie Lake, and Southwick Zoo. We were so grateful that my husband decided to come along on the Canobie Lake Trip. Together we were able to go on rides and enjoy a family day. We look foward to many more years if the budget allows. We are thankful for your dedication to Athol Playground for so many years. Next year.. Athol Playground should have a Facebook account. :) Just saying.


Thanks goes to both of you for another fun filled summer!  :-) 

-Shawn and Tracy

Thank you so much for offering this wonderful program.  My son had a great time. Please let Leah know that I am thankful for her keeping an eye on my son and for keeping him safe.  I can’t believe he went on the roller coaster with her yesterday!  Great job Team!


Just wanted to say thank-you for once again giving the kids in town something fun to do all summer guys are great!!!

-Rod and Ann

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